Eye Infection

I’ve been sidelined with a fairly serious eye infection. it reminds me of Jesus’ teaching on the eye being the lamp of the body. The idea is that what we take in visually has a huge impact on our heart. It is also tapping into this Hebrew idiom about having a generous or an evil eye. That somehow our eye is linked to our heart. Today I find that to be true. My eye infection has slowed me down and forced me to consider the condition of my spiritual eye. How do we get an infection in our spiritual eye? Our perspective gets warped or sinful or out of sync with Christ’s teachings. I’m reflecting on areas I need to repent and confess sin about how I perceive the world. Has bitterness crept in? Am I more jaded as I grow older? Do I see others with God’s full love and compassion? Do I bring my flesh when I should be binging my spirit to certain situations? (No pictures posted to protect your stomach)